"equipment for the metals producing industries"
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Sticker Corporation

Reighart Family Owned Since 1947
Company History

Sticker Corporation was founded in 1948 by Jessie Sticker and J.H. Reighart. Within the first year of operation, Mr. Reighart became the sole owner of the corporation.

Originally Sticker Corporation was in the business of selling, engineering, and designing water-cooled elements used on metal producing furnaces. The company's customer base consisted of steel, aluminum, and copper producers, both domestic and abroad. Mr. Reighart developed many patents which were the basis for products sold.

In the late 1950's, James H. Reighart, the founder's son, joined the business. It was also at that point in time that the decision was made to begin manufacturing products in-house rather than contracting out the work as had been done to this point. Subsequently, Reighart Steel Products Corporation was founded.

In 1992, Douglas S. Reighart, the third generation of family ownership, joined the business. In 1993, the two companies were merged together. The Sticker Corporation name was carried on, as it had an excellent reputation for its quality products throughout the country. While maintaining its roots in the water-cooled business, the company began to diversify its capabilities and market focus to include metal fabrication and machining to the design of others.

Today, the corporation is separated into two segments. The "Sticker" side of the business continues to grow, primarily with water-cooled products and primary metal producers. The corporation also does business under the "Reighart Steel Products" name. The emphasis on this side of the business is on metal fabrication and CNC machining serving a wide array of markets including, but not limited to off road equipment manufacturers, heavy machine builders, the rubber industry, the coal-mining industry, the trucking industry, and the food and beverage industry.

In 1999, the corporation completed its second addition and now occupies a 40,000 square foot facility.

Operating Philosophy
We realize that totally satisfied customers insure continued growth and profitability.

We operate under the basic premise that in order to provide the finest quality products and superior services, we must employ quality people, reinvest proceeds into state of the art equipment, and continually monitor our internal policies, procedures, and controls.

Quality Policy
It is the policy of the Sticker Corporation to provide products and services of the highest possible standards. We strive to surpass our customer's needs and expectations of quality, reliability and safety.